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Welcome Flow Strategies

Transform anonymous website visitors into authenticated first-part data, including traffic from Firefox and Safari

A good first email interaction with a prospect can lead to a long-lasting customer relationship. Imagine: As a new subscriber, would you stay if you didn't have a good first email interaction with you?A well-crafted welcome email can set the right expectations right from the very beginning, thus increasing your chances of making a sale and retaining customers long-term.


  • Customer visits your website, this is your chance to introduce your brand to your website visitor 


  • Clone your existing Welcome Flow and change the Flow Trigger to “Retention List.” Remember: “Retention List” will only appear after the integration is complete. If it has not been integrated yet, simply clone the flow as it is without changing the Flow Trigger—and then make the necessary adjustments.
  • Adjust your content. Your flow should contain three to five emails, and its content should reflect the fact that the contacts did not sign up for your list. These contacts are lower-intent customers, so it would be beneficial to add a special offer or discount for them, as well. 
  • Set up the logic. Set the campaign to fire immediately. Recency and relevancy is the key to a successful welcome flow. The exact filters will vary depending on the ESP, but you want to set up filters that eliminate people who have started a checkout or placed an order previously. 
  • Send your first email immediately upon receiving the data
  • Offer a discount
  • Offer a clear way to opt-out

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