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Retention vs Wunderkind

Don't overspend for your own data

At, we make high-intent first-party data affordable, without taking away your autonomy. Accelerate your list growth, reclaim high-intent unidentified shoppers, and engage with them on your terms.
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Finally, a Wunderkind Alternative that gives you More, For Less!

Painfully slow setup, costly datasets, agency bottlenecks and glacial pace changes can stifle your brand's progress.

Switch to!

With just 45 minutes of setup time, you'll be ready to hit the ground running from Day 1. Boost your list growth by 10-15x and get complete control for personalized engagement with high-intent shoppers we uncover for you, including net new and existing. No hidden fees, just a flat rate. The more you earn, the more you keep!


Easy Setup

Fast Implementation

Complete Brand Control

Easy Customization

First-Party Datasets

Send Infrastructure Ownership

Zero Siloed Data

Unlimited Follow-On Marketing

Full Funnel Marketing


Only Pay For New Data

Scaled for Any Size Business







All of this with a high-touch support team at your fingertips!

Immediate Launch

You're up and running on the same day, with complete control over implementation, brand and strategy

Flat Fee, No Hidden Costs

Unlike Wunderkind, where you pay more as your data grows, we offer a flat fee. We believe your first-party data shouldn't break the bank

Full Autonomy

You own the dataset and the send infrastructure. You’re in complete control of your brand at every turn.

Agile, Scaled ToAny Size

Wunderkind is the opposite of Agile. It’s an agency-style solution for enterprise clients, slow to start, slow to react, and costly. is scaled to any size and can work with any setup. We give you the agility to turn on a dime as you acquire more datasets and learn more about your prospects so you can react when you need to and fully leverage your advantage.

Flex the Funnel, with Full Control (Say it Fast)

Wunderkind only hits the bottom of your funnel and charges tiered pricing based on whatever revenue they claim they contributed to your bottom line. simply helps you build your own first-party dataset. So, the entire marketing funnel is yours to flex as you take prospects all the way from abandoned flows to loyal, repeat customers. All of this while maintaining your autonomy and brand reputation.

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"For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we got over a million dollars of revenue just from customers acquired through"

Cody Griffin

VP of Marketing, Dr. Squatch
" is our #1 source for Top-of-Funnel emails. They are targeted, have great engagement metrics, and convert. We not only realize a consistent 9.25x ROI, we capture over 10x the subscribers that we were capturing"

Julia Linker

Sr. Director, CRM & Lifestyle, Vital Proteins
" has delivered CARIUMA a staggering 13.1x ROI, and helped us achieve our bigger-picture goal of building a large, addressable 1st party data asset.”

Felipe Araujo

Chief Digital Officer, CARIUMA

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