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Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics sees 57% reactivation rate with Reactivate

Kin Euphorics crafts non-alcoholic, restorative beverages that promote conscious connections, boost mood, and improve mental ability.

Performance Results
Open Rate
Click Rate

Bring on the Challenge

Kin Euphorics’ priority was to reactivate a significant portion of their dormant list of 2 million contacts.

Kin Euphorics offers an adult beverage made from nourishing nootropics, balancing adaptogens, and replenishing botanics. They are a staple at the office – try the Kin Spritz…it tastes amazing and makes you feel better!

Kin Euphorics had two priorities when they started working with

  1. Reactivate dormant email addresses
  2. Unlock a new growth channel with a positive ROI to the Rescue

Kin Euphorics uploaded their dormant list into, and triggered a real-time reactivation flow in Klaviyo from Reactivate.

The setup was easy. Dormant subscribers were sent a three-part reactivation flow, triggered by a live open event. Once a subscriber opened, they were moved back into Kin’s active segment.

Once the campaign was set up, the work was done.

Both sides planned on a 90-day waiting period to assess ROI and overall performance.

The Results

11x ROI, a rapidly shrinking dormant email list, and a new acquisition channel.

Three months into the partnership, Reactivate has delivered an 11x ROI. The effort was so successful that Kin Euphorics considers Reactivate a new acquisition channel.

“We love! It’s helped us with two of our major initiatives for 2022: reactivating dormant emails and unlocking a new acquisition channel. We look forward to a long partnership ahead!”

– Jenay Nelson, Ecommerce & Digital Strategy, Kin Euphorics

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