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epic fail publisher experiment

EPIC Fail: The Publisher Experiment – WIP #26

I love being able to share success stories and big wins. But if I’m truly going to Work In Public, it’s equally important to talk about the EPIC failures. And more recently, I had one! So, what went wrong? Find our in today’s Work In Public episode!

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3 Product Market Fit Failure

My 3 Product Market Fit Failures – WIP #24

How do you really know when you have product-market fit? When I started my first company, I was grinding 24/7. The problem was that I wasn’t moving forward. Eventually, I let go of my ego, made some major shifts, and my business took off like a rocket. In this episode of Work In Public, found out about my mistakes and how I learned from them.

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why-klaviyo and shopify are crushing

4 Reasons Why Klaviyo and Shopify are CRUSHING – WIP #23

My company is completely tied to both Shopify & Klaviyo. Why? Because I believe they will continue to succeed by redefining retail. They’re both making a push upmarket and I couldn’t be happier! Find out why I believe these companies will continue to CRUSH IT in today’s episode of Work In Public!

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Tips Live Events Success

4 Tips to Make Live Events A Success – WIP #22

I’m man enough to admit when I make mistakes. And did we ever make mistakes at live events and tradeshows in 2022. In fact, we sucked. I had tremendous anxiety at these events because I knew we weren’t doing what we should have been doing. Find out what I have learned in today’s episode of Work In Public!

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From Zero to Profit in 12 Weeks – WIP #21

When I built Robly, I did everything wrong. It took us 18 months from product build to launch and profit.
With GetEmails, which is now called, we did it in TWELVE WEEKS. Find out how I did in today’s episode of Work In Public!

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