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| vs. SafeOpt

May 16, 2023
privacy-red-circle offers an expansive, inexpensive, self-serve plug-in that brings high value at low cost. Get complete customer control without the limits and lack of ownership of SafeOpt.

Reclaim The Advantage

Our customers launch quickly, have complete control over the first-party data provided by, and can leverage this new, highly-engaged audience immediately. clearly beats SafeOpt where it counts

Total Brand Controlcheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Complete Customizationcheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
First-Party Datasetscheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Send Infrastructure Ownershipcheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Zero Siloed Datacheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Unlimited Follow-On Marketingcheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Only Pay For New Datacheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Full Marketing Funnelcheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Cart Abandonmentcheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Category Abandonmentcheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Product Abandonmentcheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644
Scaled for Any Size Businesscheckmark-png-55a2245b1715e40.6948349115121955054644

Why Reclaim is the EASY choice over SafeOpt

First-Party Datasets

You own all of the emails reclaimed by, so you have complete control over your remarketing strategy.

Full Funnel Marketing

Leverage your new first-party dataset to move prospects through every stage of the funnel, from capture to sale.

Brand Control

You own the dataset and the send infrastructure. You’re in complete control of your brand at every turn.

Own Your Future

SafeOpt keeps total control over the data collected from your browse-abandonment customers and only sends two, lightly-branded emails to this vast, valuable audience. This only taps the surface of the marketing funnel. makes this data yours, giving you full control of when, where, and how you market to your customers! Turn them from prospects at the top of the funnel into loyal, repeat customers. 

Own Your Flows

SafeOpt hits your browse-abandonment customers with two emails. If they don’t convert, that’s it. We all know that it often takes more touches than that to convert the majority of prospects to customers.

Your first-party dataset from allows you to fully leverage all of the fundamental flows including cartbrowseproduct, and category abandonment, as well as SMS.  

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