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Zero-Tolerance Deliverability Guarantee

January 13, 2023

We take deliverability and our customers' Klaviyo (and other ESP) accounts very seriously. We have a Zero-Tolerance policy for deliverability issues.We want brands and our agency partners to know how confident we are that we can deliver a safe, powerful, and lucrative solution.

If the brands' account is in good standing, they have proper list hygiene practices, and implement our technology exactly as we recommend, if there is a deliverability issue, we will:

  • Provide the brand with a 100% cash refund for up to 12mo
  • If an agency partner onboarded the brand, we will pay the partner $10,000 cash

The guarantee is subject to the following terms:

We must sign-off that the account:

  • Is in good-standing and wasn't previously a high-risk account
  • Has list hygiene practices set-up that we deem acceptable, which do not change
  • Implements our tech using the Shopify integration, exactly as we advise
  • Implements mailing strategies and email flows for leads exactly as we advise
  • Accepts our throttling recommendations based on list size and existing email volume


  • The account must not rent, purchase, or share a list of any kind over the term of the agreement or the guarantee is null and void.
  • The guarantee only applies to Scale and Unlimited plans.
  • This guarantee is insurance against deteriorating sending reputation and delivery metrics due to our technical implementation.
  • The guarantee does not cover direct complaints from email recipients to email service providers and any resulting consequences.

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