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Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch captures elusive cart abandoners for legendary BFCM success

Dr. Squatch is the largest men’s natural personal care brand in the United States. Its mission? To raise the bar for the men’s grooming industry and change the way men approach their hygiene by providing healthy, natural products that allow you to feel like a man and smell like a champion.

Performance Results
Increase in BFCM Revenue
Generative Email Flow

Bring on the Challenge

About Dr. Squatch.
Dr. Squatch is the largest men’s natural personal care brand in the United States. They make soap, deodorant, haircare, lotion, and cologne designed specifically for men with 100% natural products and no harmful ingredients.

Dr. Squatch brought on at the end of summer in 2022 with one very specific purpose: Grow their email list of bottom-of-funnel, warm leads in advance of the Q4 holidays.

But they had doubts. How would using’s cart abandonment technology affect:

1. Deliverability
2. Spam score, and
3. Brand reputation?

Any smart marketer should be concerned about all three! to the Rescue

To gauge performance, Dr. Squatch started by turning on for a small section of the website where the traffic was really low. They had Klaviyo perform deliverability and spam audits.

The results?

  1. No problems with deliverability
  2. No problems with spam
  3. High conversions

But what about the brand reputation?

“We put on our customer hat and realized that all of us receive emails every day that we don’t necessarily know where we signed up to get those emails,” said Cody Griffin, VP of Marketing, Dr. Squatch. “But ultimately when they are relevant to our experience we find them valuable. So all of those were very fine with us.”

This paved the way for Dr. Squatch to turn on for the whole site. They are now capturing a new first-party data set of highly-engaged prospects from these formerly anonymous, abandoned sessions, so they can continue to keep the core of their community connected to all their new offerings.

The Results was Dr. Squatch’s number one generative email flow, adding over $1MM in BFCM revenue for 50x ROI.

“We really wanted to deliver a successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday period and we knew that having a larger list size in advance of that would be an advantage to converting those potentially warm customers at a very high-value moment for them.”

“Within less than three months we saw a huge transformative outcome… it was our number one generative flow in our email system.

“For Black Friday/Cyber Monday we got over a million dollars of revenue just from customers acquired through”

We got an ROI on our investment that was greater than 50x what we paid for those emails from, which meant pure value for us.”

– Cody Griffin,
VP of Marketing, Dr. Squatch

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