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Abandoned Cart Retention Strategy

Abandoned Cart Strategies to Regain Lost Sales

Abandoned cart emails are nothing new; you’ve likely received these emails from Amazon and other e-commerce sites you frequent. However, many abandoned cart emails feel more like advertisements than personalized messages. There are ways to make these emails more relevant to your customers and increase their effectiveness. Personalized abandoned cart emails drastically improve revenue potential, especially those acknowledging your customers’ shopping habits. For example, triggered emails that recognize first-time shoppers may read differently than those sent to long-time customers. Emails sent to new buyers can offer introductory gifts or how-to guides, whereas those sent to long-time customers may provide benefits for their loyalty.


  • A customer adds something to their cart, abandons journey


  • Sending emails to unidentified customers can be challenging – luckily our tool, Reclaim, can reach out to customers just by using cookies. Reclaim can even send abandoned cart emails to customers who haven’t opted into your newsletter
  • Once items are added to the cart on your website but no purchase is made, send a follow-up message as soon as the visitor leaves your website. 
  • Sending SMS notifications to abandoned cart users could be a more effective medium
  • Discounts can be an excellent way to reclaim abandoned cart revenue

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