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Conversational Commerce: Revolutionizing Email & SMS Marketing

Transform your email and SMS marketing, and boost customer engagement and sales with conversational commerce.

‘Conversational commerce’ — also known as ‘social commerce’ — refers to the growing trend of businesses using chat apps to sell their products and services to customers.

If you’ve ever used Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, or an SMS to communicate with a business, you’ve taken part in conversational commerce. 

Conversational commerce is all about having two-way conversations with your customers. Messaging is as close to face-to-face communication as you can get, which helps to create a more direct connection between your customers and your brand.

The empathy-driven approach of this method has many benefits for ecommerce stores. It can help your brand compensate for the lack of personal touch that’s an intrinsic part of in-person shopping experiences and encourages your customers to ask questions and quickly get the answers they need. 

When done right, conversational commerce will provide you with a deeper insight into the wants and needs of your customers while helping your customers to feel empowered and confident.


  • The customer has a question or realizes a problem and reaches out to your business for assistance via your website or a messaging platform.
  • A customer has abandoned their cart. 
  • A customer has purchased a product that’s difficult to understand, operate, or set up. 
  • A customer comments on one of your social media posts.
  • You’re adding a new product to your store.
  • A customer requests a notification when an item they want to purchase is back in stock. 
  • A customer hasn’t purchased a product or opened one of your emails or SMS messages for a specified timeframe.


  • Implement chatbots on popular messaging platforms, including Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp, to improve communication with customers and increase your conversion rates.
  • Send an SMS or email to users who have abandoned their cart and left your website without purchasing to remind them that the items are still available. Ask them if they have any further questions or require assistance, and offer a discount to persuade them to check out quickly.’s abandoned cart tool identifies anonymous cart abandoners and triggers a personalized email/SMS series from your marketing automation tool.
  • Send an SMS or email to users who have viewed products on your website without adding them to their cart.’s browse abandonment tool captures and identifies browse-abandonment traffic and adds them to your first-party dataset so you can control how you market to them. 
  • Reach out via SMS and email to customers who have bought complicated products to check in and let them know that support is available if they need it. 
  • Set up your chatbot to send a reply or personal message to every user who comments on your social media posts to increase engagement.
  • Refine your email and SMS and email marketing strategies by segmenting your customers based on different characteristics or behaviors. — for example, the average number of orders, total number of orders, amount spent, or time since last purchase — to make your messages more relevant to your customers.
  • Reply to your customers promptly using a friendly, conversational tone. 
  • Drive customer engagement by sending SMS messages or emails to your customers to request their feedback on potential new products. Ask them to vote for their preferred option and use the engagement data to follow up with similar products they might like at a later date. 
  • Gamify the shopping experience and allow customers to uncover rewards by sending them an email or SMS asking them to participate in a fun experience, such as a spin-to-win interaction. 
  • Send your customers an email or SMS message to let them know when an item they would like to buy is back in stock, and allow them to reserve or purchase the item by replying to the message.

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