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Multimedia Magic: Boost Your Email & SMS Marketing with Rich Media


Rich media can make all the difference if you want to impact your email and SMS marketing campaigns. Whether you're using GIFs or infographics, adding this type of content can help increase conversion rates.

Let's say your campaigns are being opened, but your audience just doesn't seem to engage with the content – meaning they're not clicking through or taking advantage of any offers. This can be incredibly frustrating, but the good news is that there could be a simple answer: rich media.

A static image, for instance, is a great way to convey a message or offer that might otherwise get missed in plain text. This will capture your customers' interest and encourage them to take action. It's a great tactic for retention marketing where you need to offer past customers something new, like a discount, to get them to shop with you again.

GIFs are also an excellent tool as they can serve as a low-effort way for the customer to take in new information, or they can just be incredibly relatable – think about how the internet uses reaction GIFs. This warms the recipient up to your message, making them more likely to click through. GIFs can also convey important product information, showing new details or features the user may have missed or need to be reminded of.

Rich media is a powerful addition to your email and SMS marketing campaigns, but you must know how to optimize them. With the basics down, you can start thinking about what types of content you can create to encourage engagement.


  • The company wants to increase its conversion rates for email and SMS marketing.
  • Customers abandon their cart before finalizing a purchase.
  • The company wants to re-engage dormant subscribers.


  • Sending an SMS to abandoned cart users with a fun GIF could help re-engage them.
  • Use an image to send a discount to a user who abandons their cart or hasn't shopped with you in a while.
  • In your next SMS campaign, use a GIF to show important product details or features.
  • If your email list has been dormant, use our Reactivate tool to re-engage those people with rich media content safely.

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