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Meta Persistent Audiences

Unlock the Potential: Up to 80% of Your Site Traffic as a Retargeting Audience

Your Challenge: Short-lived Meta Audiences

Are you struggling with the challenges of short-lived Meta (Facebook and Instagram) audiences? In the world of E-commerce, Meta has always been an indispensable tool for identifying high-converting retargeting audiences. These audiences play a pivotal role in reaching users who have engaged with your brand and demonstrated an intent to purchase but have not yet made a conversion.

However, there is a significant drawback: due to privacy changes by Apple & Google, these lucrative audiences are harder and harder for Meta to identify with their Facebook pixel. Not only that, but their pixel continues to get blocked due to site visitors using ad blockers, visiting across multiple devices, and visiting on an Apple device.  To make matters worse, even for the users that their pixel can identify and track, the identity only lasts for 7 days. This negatively impacts your advertising ROAS. And let’s face it–the Facebook pixel will never be able to do what it used to.

The Difference: Infinite Persistence

At, we’ve revolutionized the retargeting game. Our Meta Persistent Audiences ensure that we can identify these lucrative audiences at a significantly higher increased rate than the Meta Pixel, even in the face of Apple & Google’s recent changes! 

With, you can: 

  • Capture: Secure up to 80% of your website's traffic.
  • Connect: Seamlessly send these audiences directly to Meta.
  • Bypass: Avoid ad-blocker obstacles.
  • Identify: Track users across devices.
  • Empower: Access engagement data that persists for up to 2 years.

How it works:


  • A Meta (Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApps user) user visits your E-commerce Site, but Meta cannot identify who they are. Are they gone forever?

Action: automatically identifies the site visitor, and seamlessly sends this contact to Meta via our set-it-and-forget it integration.

The result? We’ve automatically created a lucrative retargeting audience for you in Meta, which makes up up to 80% of your site traffic! Breathe new life into your retargeting ad campaigns today!

How to Get Started:

Talk with us to activate Meta Persistent Audiences!

Already a customer? Get started with Meta Persistent Audiences right now!
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