4 Secrets for Throwing a KILLER Networking Dinner – WIP #45

My wife and I were invited to a “Jeffersonian-style” networking dinner a few months ago by the guys who branded the Skyline Series.

They said it would be a great date night for about 4 hours, and even though we had a 3-month old at the time, we went. Long story short, there were no regrets. It was awesome.

If you haven’t been to something like this, it was great. Everything was highly structured but incredibly interesting.

Here’s the 4 things I learned from this dinner…

✅ Curate a list of interesting people. Boring people will lead to boring conversations.

✅ Find out who you’re going to meet and do your best to learn a bit about them in advance if possible.

✅ Take the lead and create ways to have structured and interesting conversations.

✅ Facilitate a problem solving session.

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