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Diabetic socks company wins big BFCM success with
Viasox is a North American brand dedicated to helping people with diabetes, aiming to provide customers with the highest quality products to help with their daily diabetic needs. We began our journey as the world’s first special diabetic sock company, where we kept two things in mind: fashion and practicality.
Performance Results
Lifetime Value

Bring on the Challenge

Viasox' original goal was to see if they could increase the pool of emails that they can grab for people that came onto their website and didn't necessarily leave anything to work with.

Because they're in a health niche, they know they serve a good cause, and feel it's good to educate anyone that comes onto the website as much as possible, especially through email flows. to the Rescue

The first strategy Viasox originally used for was prior to Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022, where they managed to have installed before the peak session periods in Q4. During this time, Viasox obtained so many emails that their first-party list grew by 50% in less than a month.

With that type of power, Viasox made special segments for anyone that successfully entered their flows and brought them into their Early Access flows, as well as email campaigns for the holiday season. This proved to be extremely successful and brought far more revenue than they could even imagine.

The Results

From November 8th to November 24th, 2022, Viasox maxed out their original plan. To date (May 2023) that cohort of Retention emails has a lifetime value of over $112K according to Klaviyo.

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