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True Classic

With, True Classic was able to grow their email list with net-new leads, and send personalized abandonment emails to drive incremental revenue

True Classic produces soft, affordable, high-quality fitted premium clothing for men. True Classic prides on being a people-driven brand, creating products that don’t break the bank. They believe quality basics and a confident mindset should be available to everyone, which is why they offer premium wardrobe essentials at accessible prices.

Performance Results
Incremental Revenue
Net-New Emails (First 60 days)

Bring on the Challenge

True Classic recognized the importance of enhancing customer identification on their website to drive revenue growth. They aimed to scale their sending pool for Cart, Product, and Category Abandonment Email and SMS messages while tackling the challenge of a declining addressable audience size due to limitations in recognizing users beyond 7 days in their due to iOS updates. To achieve these objectives, True Classic partnered with

They had two main goals when bringing on

  1. Grow their email list with lucrative, net-new leads
  2. Better identify their addressable audience to send them personalized emails to the Rescue

With just a single click to install to their ESP, True Classic gained access to's flagship products, Grow, Reclaim & Audiences

  1. Using Reclaim, True Classic was able to identify cart, product, and browse abandoners who had not logged in order to send more abandonment emails.  
  2. Grow identified anonymous visitors who were showing high intent to purchase but hadn't yet opted in to their website. By implementing GROW, True Classic was able to capture an additional 142,000 contacts in just over 60 days, and a first-party data set thats theirs to keep, forever.
  3. Our pixel isn't blocked by Apple, so True Classic implemented Audiences to pick up an additional 30% of net-new website visitors that are blocked by meta for high-ROAS Meta retargeting campaigns


The Results

By combining all 3 of's solutions, True Classic saw an outstanding incremental revenue increase of $1M and an ROI of 53x.

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