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PEDAL Electric

Sustainable business pedals down the path to success with Reclaim

PEDAL Electric provides electric bikes to customers to build a more sustainable future in transportation and micro-mobility.

Their mission is to be a sustainably built brand in the Electric Transit space that inspires a conscious community of adventure enthusiasts and daily commuters.

PEDAL Electric is proud to be the first e-bike company to go climate-positive and ocean-positive.

PEDAL Electric
Performance Results
Incremental Revenue
New Contacts

Bring on the Challenge

PEDAL Electric's goal was to drive overall growth and recapture lost sales by increasing its email list size and generating incremental revenue through email marketing campaigns. They recognized that effective email marketing will help them retain customers, boost brand loyalty, and ultimately lead to increased revenue over time. With this in mind, they sought out a solution that would allow them to target existing customers with personalized, relevant content, while also attracting new subscribers to their email list through's database. Through their partnership with us, they were able to achieve these goals and more, generating significant incremental revenue and strengthening their overall business performance. to the Rescue

PEDAL Electric created an optimized email flow creative that aligned with the intent of users. The strategy was designed to deliver personalized, one-to-one messaging to high-intent prospects, with each flow targeting a previously untapped audience. This strategy allowed them to minimize unsubscribes, maximize customer list growth and drive more sales. It also enabled PEDAL to capture valuable first-party data from highly-engaged prospects who had previously been anonymous during their browsing sessions, allowing PEDAL to keep their community connected with all the latest offerings, ultimately strengthening brand loyalty and driving further revenue growth

The Results

The results speak for themselves. In just 4 months of working through this new strategy with, PEDAL Electric was able to acquire over 10,000 net-new, high-intent contacts. Leveraging one-to-one marketing flows to these new contacts drove a startling $50k incremental revenue at a whopping 13x ROI.

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