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Nomad Goods

Nomad Goods drives 103% higher CTR than Meta pixel audiences with Meta audiences represent Nomad Goods highest ROAS retargeting and prospecting audiences.

Nomad Goods is a well known manufacturer of rugged and premium accessories for the Apple ecosystem. From their Leather iPhone Cases and Apple Watch Bands, to their MagSafe chargers they cover the full breadth of gear that every Apple user needs. They strive to create gear that not only looks great, but stands the test of time, and compliments anyones lifestyle.

Performance Results
Higher ROAS than Meta Pixel Audience
Higher CTR than Meta Pixel Audience
Incremental Revenue Increase

Bring on the Challenge

At 11 years old, Nomad Goods is primarily a direct-to-consumer brand that relies heavily on digital advertising, after iOS14 privacy constraints they’ve sought to diversify their marketing footprint, as well as better target their customers. Nomad Goods recognized the imperative of fostering a robust email list to establish a more direct and personalized line of communication with its customer base.

Nomad Goods came to to help solve their 3 biggest problems:

  • Email list growth
  • Owned Audience growth
  • Better audience targeting across different platforms

The iOS14 privacy changes brought on even more challenges for Nomad Goods' ability to precisely target its audience across different platforms. like many eCommerce brands, Nomad Goods faced challenges in optimizing its email list growth strategy. They were looking for a solution that would not only accelerate the expansion of their email subscriber base while targeting website visitors across different platforms and devices, but also ensure compliance.

With all of this considered, Nomad Goods had an overall goal to enhance its audience targeting capabilities and maximize the efficiency of its marketing efforts. to the Rescue

The strategy was a two month initiative: during month one, Nomad Goods Marketing Directors, Chris Melber, turned on's Meta Persistent Audience for retargeting and the lookalike for prospecting audience build. During month two, identical ad campaigns were deployed to both audiences, here was his formula for success:

  1. Cloned existing campaigns & creatives
  2. Used segmentation to exclude the Meta pixel audience and include the R! Custom audience. This ensures the cloned campaign is only serving impressions to incremental users the pixel could not id.
  3. Created a Meta Lookalike audience using the R! Meta Persistent Audience
  4. Deployed cloned campaigns to both the custom R! Meta Persistent Audience for retargeting and the Lookalike audience for prospecting


The Results

Across the board, Nomad Goods saw remarkable returns, incredible ROI, and revenue increase using Grow and Meta Persistent Audiences.


~10% incremental revenue increase

~5% incremental spend increase (R! Audiences only cost 5% in incremental spend, but created 10% in incremental revenue!)

*all results based on a 7-day click, 1-day view Meta attribution window


Retargeting - 110% higher ROAS, R! Audience vs Meta pixel audience 

Prospecting - 52% higher ROAS, R! Lookalike prospecting audience vs. Meta prospecting audience


Retargeting - 103% higher CTR, R! Audience vs Meta pixel audience 

Prospecting - 16% LOWER CTR, R! Lookalike prospecting audience vs. Meta prospecting audience*

*Note the lower CTR rate combined with a higher ROAS shows that the R! Audience value/value per click is much higher than the Meta prospecting audiences


Retargeting - 45% lower cost per purchase, R! Audience vs Meta pixel audience 

Prospecting - 32% lower cost per purchase, R! lookalike prospecting audience vs. Meta prospecting audience

The key takeaway from this case study is that while the incremental retargeting audience may be smaller in scale (39k compared to 215k), it demonstrates a remarkable 2x performance improvement over Meta's pixel retargeting audiences. Despite accounting for approximately 2.5% of the total Meta revenue, this revenue is entirely incremental, contributing a significant boost to overall earnings for Nomad Goods. On the other hand, the prospecting audience (R! Lookalike audience) offers a broader reach with a scale of 4.7M users, and its Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) surpasses that of several retargeting campaigns. This translates to a substantial 7.5% increase in total Meta revenue, all of which is incremental. Notably, the incremental R! Users that Meta cannot identify exhibit notably higher value compared to Meta's pixel-identified audience. Ultimately, the R! Audiences emerge as Nomad's most profitable and valuable segments, both in the retargeting and prospecting realms.

"Admittedly I had some trepidation about Retention’s email capture capabilities, but the proof was in the pudding and I saw a huge amount of growth in my email list size, something I’m eager to tap into this Q4. With the addition of R! And other retention tools, the platform offers me many more opportunities to leverage our owned audience without relying on pixel data from Meta, or limitations imposed by iOS 14+."

– Chuck Melber, Marketing Director, Nomad Goods

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