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Latico Leather

Latico Leathers sees 20x ROI with Grow

Family-run since 1984, Latico Leathers creates 100% handcrafted leather handbags, wallets, and accessories with boho-vibes and individual style.

Performance Results
Open Rate
Click Rate

Bring on the Challenge

Latico Leathers was looking to meaningfully scale their email acquisition. However, since email represents 50% of total revenue, they were willing to take zero chances with their sending reputation.

Head of Ecommerce Ben Schreiber loved the promise of Resolve to capture 10 to 15x more emails but was very skeptical that it could do what was promised while maintaining delivery reputation and existing engagement metrics.

Latico Leathers had three priorities when they started working with Resolve:

  1. Dramatically increase email list growth
  2. Drive positive ROI
  3. Maintain (or improve) sending reputation to the Rescue

Latico Leathers integrated Grow with their Klaviyo account, followed’s recommendations for flow and list automation setup, and was up and running in under one day.

In order to assuage Latico Leathers concern about sending reputation, recommended Latico start small, resolving five percent of US unique visitors monthly.

Latico was immediately impressed with the 45% open rate they saw from the Resolve contacts, and even more impressed when after no more than 60 days they saw $156k new revenue from Grow contacts on under $8k of total spend.

The Results

Two months into the partnership, Grow has delivered a 20x ROI and actually improved Latico’s sending reputation: the Resolve emails opened and clicked better than their existing list.

“I was initially concerned with the deliverability of the contacts, but engagement turned out to be fantastic — better than our house list.

Email is over 50% of total revenue, and Resolve is now the fastest-growing lead source to the channel.

Resolve was easy to implement, and Latico is seeing 20x ROI.”

— Ben Schreiber
Head of Ecommerce,
Latico Leathers

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