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Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Fine tea blender brews up over 25x ROI with
Harney & Sons offers over 300 varieties of the highest quality teas, sourced from the finest tea regions around the world. Their blends include classics like Earl Grey, signature flavors like Hot Cinnamon Spice and Paris, several varieties of Matcha, more adventurous teas like Bamboo, and everything in between.
No matter which tea you choose, Harney's expertise and commitment to quality are brewed into each cup.
Performance Results
Open Rate

Bring on the Challenge

Harney & Sons has the product, and they know their market. Their marketing is dialed in tight. But they were still missing out on all of the anonymous traffic that was coming to their site but wasn't being captured by exit intent or other e-mail capture sources. So they reached out to to help capture this untapped abandonment revenue. to the Rescue's quick and supportive onboarding process got Harney & Sons up and running in no time. They implemented's technology and turned on the recommended marketing flows in their email automation tools. It's as simple as that. And the new hits started rolling in.

The Results

Harney & Sons has seen 60+% open rates on their Welcome Series. That's a massive success, especially for high-intent customers who are most likely to convert. That and other flow successes resulted in over 25x ROI.

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