Drive revenue by rapidly growing your first-party data asset with targeted and engaged contacts.

Third-party cookies are dying. Invest in collecting 10-15x more first-party email addresses so that you own your audience. Convert them into paid subscribers, higher newsletter ad revenues, and higher affiliate revenues.

Own Your Audience

Rapidly expand addressability through the only owned marketing channel – email. Convert emails to paid subscriptions, raise newsletter ad revenues, and capture more affiliate revenues.

30%+ Open Rates

Our proprietary acquisition and Activity-Based Data Cleansing methods yield open rates significantly higher than house lists. Experience 30%+ open rates, high click-throughs, and low complaints.

100% Compliant

Our Identity Graph is permission-based and built on a series of self-enrolled entry points. It complies with all applicable laws and regulations. We store all opt-in events and have a robust opt-out infrastructure.


Get 10-15x more targeted and engaged eyeballs on your content.

You produce the premium content. Let us help you get it in front of interested readers.

We will pass you active and engaged email addresses for up to 40% of your anonymous traffic, and you’ll see up to 30% or higher open rates, high click-throughs, and well below 1/1000 complaint rates.

Convert previously anonymous website traffic into real revenues.

Monetize our email addresses in three ways:

  1. Convert them into paid subscribers
  2. Sell higher-value newsletter placements
  3. Drive higher affiliate revenues

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Enrich your first-party asset with 3rd party data for higher-value segments

With 3rd party cookies dying, it’s important to know more about your audience so that you can create higher-value segments for advertisers.

Enrich both our records and your existing database with demographic, lifestyle, affinity, and in-market data to add substantial value to your owned audience.

Featured case study

Cariuma drives 20% of their revenue with GetEmails