Engage: Trigger Emails at the Exact Right Time

Timing is everything. When is the best time to send someone a high-value email? When they’re in their inbox.

Add Incremental Email Revenue Powered by Live Open-and-Click Data

Next-Gen Signal Aggregation

Our robust signal pipe hears open-and-click signals from more than 75% of the email ecosystem. We’ll pass you the events we get in real-time to trigger a campaign.

We’ll help you get the signals you want, and make sure you don’t get the signals you don’t want (Apple openers), so that you’ll maximize your ROI from an in-session, perfectly timed, one-to-one send.

10x Your Winback Campaign

If your brand executes a winback campaign before declaring a subscriber fully dormant, our breakthrough signal tech will see 10x higher open rates, on average.

Add Incremental Revenue

Experience conversion rates that are more than 5x higher than your batch sending and traditional triggered emails. 

In-session sending is the single most effective way to engage your audience.

Just try it. 

Engage vs. Reactivate

Engage  has a real-time signal, lower coverage, and a higher CPM.

Engage is the best way to optimize send times for high value campaigns to inactive but not yet dormant audiences. 

Reactivate has a daily batch signal, much higher coverage, and a much lower CPM. 

Reactivate is the only way to safely contact dormant emails that have been inactive for longer periods of time (more than one year).


Email Ecosystem Coverage


Events Received Per Month


Average ROI Increase

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