Our Data: DeliveryID™️ Email Graph

We maintain a unique, proprietary Identity Graph of 250 million US adults, built around deliverable emails only.  

DeliveryID Graph


Total deliverable US Emails


Average Open Rate


Average Match Rate

Tap Into Our DeliveryID™️ Email Graph and Get ONLY Deliverable Emails

Activity-Based Data Cleansing

How do we ensure deliverability? The answer is all about layering real-time engagement signals on top of our DeliveryID™️ Email Graph.

In addition to rigorous traditional data cleaning methods, we have a proprietary, Activity-Based Data Cleansing method that listens for real open and click signals in our network before passing you data.

Activity-Based Cleansing

Low Bounces, Low Complaints, No Traps

The nature of how we procure our data leads to naturally low bounce rates, the elimination of complainers from the network, and total avoidance of spam traps.

Expert Deliverability Solutions

We have deep expertise in email deliverability, and can design solutions to fit any need.

Bespoke campaign design, a secondary Email Service Provider partner, and custom incremental data filtering are all  services that we can provide with our custom Enterprise pricing packages.


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