Send 10-15x More Abandoned Cart Emails With CartID+™ Technology

If  you’re not using CartID+™ technology from, you’re missing out on recovering two types of cart abandoners – people who are on your list but are not logged in, and people who you are not on your list yet, but abandon cart.


Seamless integrations:

How CartID+™️ Technology Works:

Append Cart Script

Add our abandoned cart array to both your script and your eCommerce website

Website Visitor Identification identifies anonymous traffic: both new and known but not-logged-in abandoners

Triggered Abandoned Carts

We pass the data to your Email Marketing App in realtime to trigger abandon cart campaigns

Recapture Revenue with's CartID+™️ Technology

Recover Known, but Not-Logged-In Abandoners

On average, our customers have around 60% of cart abandoners on their email lists, but only around 15% of them are logged in at any given time on a given device.

Capture users that aren’t logged in that are on your list, and send them the most valuable email you can send.


Recover Unknown Abandoners

With CartID+™ you’re now able to send abandoned cart emails to users, even before they’ve opted in to your newsletter.

Real-Time Reporting

Keep track of all of your cart recoveries coming from in our comprehensive, Real-Time CartID+™️ Dashboard.

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