Send 10-15x More Abandoned Cart Emails With CartID+™️ Technology

If  you’re not using GetEmails CartID+™️ technology, you’re missing out on recovering two types of cart abandoners – people who are on your list but are not logged in, and people who you are not on your list yet, but abandon cart.

CartID technology

Seamless integrations:

How GetEmails' CartID+™️ Technology Works:

Append Cart Script

Add our abandoned cart array to both your GetEmails script and your Ecommerce website

Website Visitor Identification

GetEmails identifies anonymous traffic: both new and known but not-logged-in abandoners

Triggered Abandoned Carts

We pass the data to your Email Marketing App in realtime to trigger abandon cart campaigns

Recapture Revenue with GetEmails' CartID+™️ Technology

Recover Known, but Not-Logged-In Abandoners

On average, our customers have around 60% of cart abandoners on their email lists, but only around 15% of them are logged in at any given time on a given device.

Capture users that aren’t logged in that are on your list, and send them the most valuable email you can send.

Recover Unknown Abandoners

With GetEmails, you’re now able to send abandoned cart emails to users, even before they’ve opted in to your newsletter.

Real-Time Reporting

Keep track of all of your cart recoveries coming from GetEmails in our comprehensive, Real-Time CartID+™️ Dashboard.

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