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empower your dtc growth engine with reclaim

Reclaim up to 250% more Klaviyo revenue

Drive more Klaviyo Add-to-Cart, Product View and Checkout Abandonment Flow revenue by enabling Reclaim Server-Side Tracking and Cross-Device ID

100% Klaviyo Acceptable Use Policy Compliant

Drive incremental Klaviyo revenue with Reclaim

Increase Browse, Product, and Cart Abandonment SMS and Email flow revenue by up to 10x with Reclaim. Effortlessly recognize anonymous visitors, expand your customer base, and instantly scale up your abandonment flows for a proven "set-it-and-forget-it" ROI.
Recognize site visitors with our proprietary publisher network for Cross-Device ID and Server-Side Tracking.
Send abandoned cart emails to users, even before they've opted into your newsletter
Boost your total revenue flow by 5-10x
1,500 successful customers and counting
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There is a large signal gap between Klaviyo and Shopify

Klaviyo's power lies in using website visitor behaviors to trigger highly targeted, personalized flows. Previously, it could track and gather signals from users for months. However, as of April 2023, due to Apple's changes with META, Klaviyo can now only track Safari visitors (and collect signals) for 7 days. Without signals, flow triggering in Klaviyo is affected.

Klaviyo triggers flows from your Shopify store signals

Following Apple's updates in April 2023, Klaviyo's ability to receive cart, product, and checkout signals from your Shopify store is now limited to cases where the user is logged in or has engaged in an authentication event (such as a purchase, login, email click, or email sign-up) within the past 7 days. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a gap of 10-15% for abandoned user signals.


Reclaim sends signals to Klaviyo in two new ways

Reclaim closes the signal gap by enabling a combination of server-side tracking and Cross-Device identification.
Server-Side Tracking:  We help Klaviyo track visitors for 6 months or longer, instead of Apples default 7 days
Cross-Device ID: Our proprietary publisher network stitches profiles together, ensuring that if someone from your list visits your site from a different device, you can still effortlessly trigger a flow in Klaviyo.
We're the only vendor in the industry that combines both server-side tracking and proprietary publisher networks to maximize signals in Klaviyo. 100% Klaviyo AUP compliant.

Reclaim works for SMS flows, too!

Attentive, Postscript, and SMS bump aare all suffering from the same signal problem as Klaviyo and Meta. We have integrations with all major SMS providers, and can help meaningfully improve SMS flow revenue.

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