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Our business is to grow your Shopify store.

Our retention solutions help you maximize audience growth, reclaim abandonment revenues, and reactivate lapsed audiences, across all channels.

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Ryan Pamplin, CEO Blendjet, on during
a panel at Chase Dimond's BFCM conference ...

" is money falling from the sky."

You probably didn't even know you were losing this revenue.

Sad Fact: Your shoppers can only receive an abandoned cart email if they are logged in to Shopify.

What if Jane Doe opts in to your list on her laptop at work… 

…but she visits your site on her phone that evening and adds your products to her cart, but doesn’t purchase.

You have no way to send Jane an abandoned cart flow because Jane’s phone is anonymous to you.

This (and other) segments of unidentified abandoners represent up to 10x added revenue that is now lost.

reclaim abandonment revenue with reactivate and enrich and Audience Suppression
reclaim abandonment revenue with reactivate, enrich, CartID+™, Real-time Reporting, reactivate

Happy Fact: You can grow your abandonment revenue by 5-10x.’s Reclaim helps you leverage industry-leading Identity Resolution technology to increase your Browse, Product, and Cart Abandonment SMS and Email flow revenue by up to 10x.

Onboarding is quick-and-easy, and implementation takes hours, not months.

No managed services that you don’t need. Just the technology that you want to instantly scale up your abandonment flows for provable, “set-it-and-forget-it” ROI.

You only pay for incremental performance.

Meet Reclaim

Grow your abandonment sending pool with the best Identity software on the market (in terms of match rates).

Our flexible, tiered pricing is based on purely incremental revenue. 

Get started in less than a day and see provable ROI within hours.

Julia Linker, Sr. Director CRM, Tonal:

"We literally 10x'd our list. I'm not joking. 10x'd."

Abandonment Flows

When an unidentified customer (who’s tied to a first party cookie) abandons browse, cart, or product, we identify the visitor and trigger a personalized flow in your messaging platform.

SMS: If the user is known but unauthenticated, and you have their phone number, we will trigger an SMS first for maximum potential ROI.

Email: If the SMS doesn’t convert, or we don’t have a phone number, we will trigger a separate journey from your existing flow in your messaging platform, for easy analytics.

1:1 Personalization at a massive scale

Triggered abandonment emails generate 24x more revenue-per-send than batch-and-blast sends.

By meaningfully scaling the pool of available abandonment recipients, Reclaim is the easiest way to drive more eCommerce revenue.

abandonment revenue

Klaviyo and Attentive Integrations (and more)

We play nice with all the apps you love.

If we don’t have an integration, just let us know, and we’ll build it for you.

Check out our full list of integrations here.

Easy Implementation

Get up and running in under 24 hours, with help from our team.


  1.  Install our script
  2.  Set up a 1-click Integration
  3.  Duplicate your abandonment flows
  4.  Start sending net-new SMS and Emails using Reclaim
  5.  Watch the revenue roll in within the hour!

Flow Insurance - 100% Guaranteed

Reclaim users get the industry-leading abandoned-cart insurance at no extra cost. 

We guarantee your abandonment flow revenue will improve, or will give you your money back.


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