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Set up Reclaim for Klaviyo SMS

To use Reclaim for Klaviyo SMS, you will need to have our Reclaim Add to Cart and/or Viewed Product scripts installed on your site, either via our Shopify app or manual/standard script implementation on your website (steps below in "On your website").

When this is successfully installed, we will pass all of our Add to Cart and Viewed Product Reclaim events through to Klaviyo. The Klaviyo SMS flow we are building here will ONLY trigger for your existing contacts for whom there is SMS consent.

Note that some of the logic and flow filters may be adjusted based on your other flows - as such, the recommendations below can and may be modified to fit your needs and sending strategy.

For example, if you already have an existing SMS flow for an Added to Cart trigger, you would need to exclude anyone in that flow from this flow. However, if this is your only SMS flow triggered by the Added to Cart metric, then you would not need that logic.

On your website

Note: If you're using our custom Shopify Integration app, the Add to Cart and Viewed Product scripts will automatically be installed.

Add to Cart script

Inside of your site builder, add our Add to Cart script to fire when someone clicks to add an item to their cart:


Next, edit the snippet.

Generic code for buttons defined by a button ID:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.getElementById("AddToCart").addEventListener('click',function (){

Generic code for button defined by a class notation:

<script type="text/javascript">
  var item_classnames = document.getElementsByClassName("AddToCart");
  for (var i = 0; i < item_classnames.length; i++) {
    item_classnames[i].addEventListener('click', function () {

Viewed Product script

Inside of your site builder, add our Viewed Product script to fire when someone views a product:

<script>geq.event('Viewed Product Reclaim', item);</script>

If you do not have an existing Viewed Product tracking script, add this to your theme:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var item = {
        Name: {{ product.title|json }},
        ProductID: {{|json }},
        ImageURL: "https:{{ product.featured_image.src|img_url:'grande' }}",
        URL: "{{ shop.secure_url }}{{ product.url }}",
        Brand: {{ product.vendor|json }},
        Price: {{ product.price|money|json }},
        CompareAtPrice: {{ product.compare_at_price_max|money|json }}
geq.event('Viewed Product Reclaim', item);

Reclaim Add to Cart for Klaviyo SMS

These instructions are for building an Added to Cart SMS flow using a Klaviyo flow template. If you already have an SMS flow using the Added to Cart metric, you can clone it and skip to steps 3 through 5.

1. In Klaviyo, click Flows > Create flow.

2. Select the Abandoned Cart Reminder with the Added to Cart Trigger.

3. Update the flow name to something like " Added to Cart | SMS"

4. Edit the Added to Cart Trigger to include CartSource > equals > GE.

For the Viewed Product Reclaim flow, add a trigger for:

Added to Cart > Zero times since starting this flow

5. If you have an existing SMS flow, add a Flow Filter to exclude anyone who has entered that flow using the What someone has done (or has not done) option. Here's an example of what that could look like:

What someone has done (or not done)
Person has > Received SMS > where > Flow > equals > [original SMS flow] > zero times > in the last > 30 > days

6. Add a conditional split after the time delay to check for whether or not there is consent to receive SMS. Anyone sent down the No path will simply exit the flow.

8. Replace the Flow's default Abandoned Cart Emails with SMS content. From the Actions menu, Drag in SMS content above or below each Abandoned Cart Email and Delete the emails.

9. Configure your SMS content. Short and sweet is best for SMS! Don't forget to set the flow live!

Reclaim Viewed Product/Browse Abandonment for Klaviyo SMS

These instructions are for building an Added to Cart SMS flow using a Klaviyo flow template. If you already have an SMS Viewed Product abandonment flow, you can clone it and skip to step 5. If Klaviyo does not allow you edit the existing Trigger, then you will have to start from scratch.

  1. In Klaviyo, click Flows > Create flow.

  2. Choose the Create From Scratch option.

  3. Name your flow something like " Viewed Product Reclaim | SMS"
  4. Choose the Metric option for your Trigger.

  5. Choose Viewed Product Reclaim.

  6. Set up flow filters to exclude anyone who has checked out since entering this flow, placed an order in the last 14 days, has been in the flow in the last 30 days, or has received your original SMS Viewed Product abandon flow in the last 30 days. Add additional filters as needed.

  7. Add a 2-hour time delay.

  8. Configure your SMS Content, and set the flow live.

    Have questions? Message us on chat, or email support[at]!