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Integrate with Shopify (Custom App)

You can integrate your account directly with the Shopify Custom App.

This is not an integration with Shopify Email.

An integration between and a Shopify Custom App automatically installs our Collection, Revenue Tracking, Viewed Product, and Add to Cart scripts.

Note: Your customer success team member will set up the integration for you during onboarding. For existing customers, please reach out to support[at] for assistance.

What you'll need

1. Your Shopify Store URL and Access Token. Find your Shopify Store URL in Stores.

2. To find/create your Access Token, go to Settings > Apps and sales channels > Develop apps.

3. Click Create an app (if one doesn't exist).

4. Name the app Script Management, and click Create app.

5. Click Configure Admin API scopes.

6. Search for orders in the search bar, and set these permissions: read_orders, write_script_tags, and read_script_tags. Click Save.

7. Search for customers in the search bar, and set these permissions: write_customers and read_customers.

8. Click Install App > Install.

9. Click Reveal token once and copy the Access Token. Remember: This token can only be viewed/copied once, so be sure to save it somewhere safe.

To get started

1. Click on Integrations from the left navigation panel in Then, click Available Integrations at the top and choose the Shopify Integration App icon.

2. Enter your Shopify Store URL and Access Token. Click Connect.

3. Click Enable. Your order sync settings will apply and begin. Then, click Finish.

4. Once the integration is complete, you will see the integration date, API details, and the order sync status. You can also Remove the integration from this page at the top.

5. Go to Code Script, and click Edit next to Collection Rules.

6. Click Yes and set Page Views to 1 or higher (depending on your collection goals).

Order Sync

Coming soon! For now, leave this option disabled. 

Remove the integration

1. To remove the integration, click Integrations > Dots Remove.

2. From your Shopify store, go to Settings > Apps and sales channels > Develop apps.

3. Click the Script Management app you created for the integration.

4. Click Uninstall app.

5. Then, click Uninstall.

Note: If you currently have our Collection, Add to Cart, Viewed Product, or Revenue Tracking scripts on your domain, you will need to remove these before setting up the custom integration.