Create a Welcome Flow

To best engage the contacts who you’ve collected from, you will need to set up a specific welcome flow for them. How to create a welcome flow From inside your email service provider account, follow these steps: 1. Clone your existing Welcome Flow and change the Flow Trigger to “Resolve List.” Remember: “Resolve List” […]


What to Send Your Contacts

A few examples of how people engage Email-Based Retargeting contacts

Reactivate: 18 Best Re-Engagement Emails

What’s worse than having a subscriber who unsubscribes? Try having ones that stay subscribed but no longer interact with your emails. (Don’t worry, that’s why we’re going to tell you all about re-engagement emails.) It’s reported up to 75 percent of email subscribers are inactive. That could be caused by the natural decay of data […]


General Best Practices – What and When to Send

General Best Practices How to build an authentic relationship and grow your audience using’s Identity Resolution Table of Contents The Challenge The Flow Other Use Cases Bring on the Challenge How does a brand develop one-to-one relationship with users and reduce the overall friction with the user? The Flow Email 1/Day 0 – Immediately […]