Work in Public Podcast #7: Our Crazy Publisher Experiment

We’re doing a crazy experiment to try to exponentially grow the publisher side of our business.

Interestingly, we hardly try at this business segment and it’s 10% of our revenue.

Meanwhile, I have said over and over again how much I love Alex Hormozi’s 100m Offers.

I decided to create a value proposition that is so good a publisher would literally feel stupid not taking us up on it.

Here’s the idea:

  • We’ll grow your email list exponentially. Like 500k to 5m in 6mo.
  • We’ll sell you these contacts at a price-per-lead that can be profitably monetized in programmatic.
  • We’ll provide deliverability support … Basically we’ll show you how to do this without breaking anything.
  • If we break something and can’t fix it in 30 days, I’ll just hand you all your money back, zero questions asked.

Is that a 100m offer? Check back in six months from now. I’ll give you the full update.

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