Work in Public Podcast #6: My Founder Brand Content Machine

I’ve started creating and posting 18 pieces of content per week (up from zero 6 weeks ago).

Here’s why: 

  • I believe that we have the opportunity to create the dominant brand in our space
  • The easiest way to connect to a brand is connection to a person
  • I have a lot to say from my 10 years of getting my teeth kicked in as an entrepreneur
  • I can share LOTS of learnings about email from 10 years of running email businesses 

Here’s what: 

  • 7 text LinkedIn posts on personal page about Email/SMS strategy
  • 7 short form video posts that are derivatives of the text posts
  • 1 weekly newsletter about Email/SMS strategy
  • 1 weekly newsletter about philosophy/work-in-public
  • 1 weekly work-in-public video posted on the company page
  • 1 weekly “10 Years in the Making” podcast interviewing our awesome customers

Here’s how: 

  • I have a team helping me brainstorm content ideas monthly
  • I get hook ideas on Sunday night
  • I create bullets that turn into text posts, and
  • Short form videos that I record the raw version of Monday mornings, then
  • Send them to a video editor, who 
  • Then sends them back to our team to post throughout the next week

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