How to Throw a Prospecting Dinner That CONVERTS – WIP #30

Last year, I wanted to have as many prospecting dinners as possible. After planning a few of these events I realized that I was doing it all wrong!

In this Work In Public video, I share what I’ve learned and tips for throwing a dinner that generates new business!

Here are 4 things that I learned about planning prospecting dinners:

✅ Don’t overpay. A high-end fancy dinner isn’t totally necessary.

✅ Working with the right influencer benefits everyone and helps build excitement for your technology and event.

✅ Having a founder at the event doesn’t hurt, but it’s not imperative.

✅ Divide and conquer. You can’t shake every hand and spend an appropriate amount of time with each guest. But if you have a second person to help, two is better than one.

✅ Follow through with a follow-up lunch. Your close rates will be much higher.

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