Multi-Millionaire Shares Lessons from Jail – WIP #39

Wow! I just released one of the craziest episodes of the podcast yet. I spoke with Moises Sanchez and his story is absolutely wild!

Here’s a quick recap:

  • He moved to the US (illegally) with his family with no money and without knowing a word of English.
  • With only a 6th-grade education he became a guerrilla marketing phenom in real estate by the age of 18.
  • He moved back to Mexico to start a pig farm business and had warrants out for his arrest in the US.
  • Narcos killed one of the guys who worked for him and tried to kill him too.
  • He fled back to the US where he was arrested by the FBI and put in prison for 8 months.
  • He served his time, got released, and went on to build a multi-million dollar roofing business that brought in $50M last year.

In our conversation, Moises explained that there was SO much that jail taught him about life and business. Check out today’s video where I share the biggest lessons he learned from being locked up! 

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