What INSANE Product-Market Fit Looks Like – WIP #29

I’ve been chasing insane product-market fit for a long time.

It can take time before you know that you definitely have it, and there were some wins and losses along the way, but when you know, you know.

Here are some telltale signs that you have great product-market fit:

✅ Your inbox is absolutely flooded with requests from new clients who want to do business with you.

✅ You don’t even need a big sales pitch. Clients are ready to sign up without any convincing or arm-twisting whatsoever.

✅ Customers are reporting anywhere from 20-30x ROI.

✅ Senior Executives at top Shopify Plus want to migrate every single one of their customers to our platform.

✅ New team members can CRUSH it right out of the gate, with no prior experience is SaaS.

✅ The talent that your company is attracting is top notch and keeps getting better.

✅ Your ARR is growing faster than the pace of the salary costs.

✅ The energy in your company is electric and morale is VERY high.

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