How I Manage My INSANE Calendar Without an EA – WIP #27

Our company has been growing like gangbusters, which is awesome!

But as the Founder, keeping all the plates spinning became exhausting. 🤦🏻

As we’ve grown, not only have my role and responsibilities needed to shift, but how I manage my schedule and the increasing demands has too. 📅

In this video of Work In Public, I explain how I block off my time and squeeze the most out of every day—WITHOUT an assistant!

Here’s 3 Lessons I learned…

Use Calendly. I have separate accounts for separate purposes and it’s a game-changer.

Every day has a purpose. Dedicate a day each week for specific purposes like content creation and meetings.

Schedule your time to be at home. If it’s not on the schedule and it’s important, how will it ever get done? 🤪

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