4 Ways to Foster Connection When Working Remotely – WIP #14

I’m a huge fan of working remotely. We’ve been doing it since 2016, and we’re NEVER going back!

More and more companies are doing it, because there’s value and it works! 💵

Adding the Slack app to connect to your team is a great start. But there’s a lot more that you can do with it to stay in touch, foster connections and build rapport with your team.

Here’s 4 ways to foster connection when working remotely…

✅ Add Donut AI to Slack. Water cooler chats are a great way for you and your team to connect and show some personality. Virtual coffee breaks with your team. Have some fun with it.

✅ Add a Pet Channel where your team can share photos of their pets. Who doesn’t love dogs or cats?

✅ Lunch and Learn and Ask Me Anything (AMA) meetings.

✅ Have offsite meetings/events in smaller groups. There’s so much value that comes out of those meetings with individual teams vs the entire company.

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