How BarkBox Built a Unicorn Startup – WIP #8

This may be the most impressive entrepreneurial story I’ve ever heard! 
The dog toy subscription service, BarkBox, (Co-Founded by Matt Meeker) started his business with nothing. He didn’t raise capital or spend money on advertising. Nor did he have a pre-existing network to leverage. He didn’t even have a website! 
But one thing he did have was incredible product-market fit, and as a result, he was able to pre-sell to 50+ strangers at NYC dog parks.
The company went on to become a unicorn that IPO’d within 10 years of launching. 

Here’s 3 Startup Lessons I learned…

  1. Find an incredibly strong signal. When you have people buying from you, even when you don’t have a website, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re on to something.
  2. If you can avoid it, don’t spend a dollar – at least until you’ve determined that there’s interested buyers.
  3. How a business starts, matters. If a business starts off flat, it tends to stay flat. If a business starts off on an incredible trajectory, it tends to stay on an incredible trajectory. 
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