4 Easy Ways to Build Great Company Culture – WIP #18

Culture is how people do things over time in your organization, when nobody is watching them.

That is the quote that changed my mindset on what great company culture should be. Building a great culture is more than just going out for drinks at the end of the day. As fun as that is, there’s more to it than that.

If you want to attract the right people; people who love their job and love working for your company, I’ve narrowed it down to four things that are easy to do.

Here’s 4 great tips for building great company culture…

✅ Make sure your company purpose is clearly defined. There shouldn’t be any questions about the purpose of your company and what your goals are.

✅ Hold your staff to a high standard and keep everyone accountable by setting the example.

✅ If you want the best people, you gotta hire the best people. So find the people who have worked for highly successful companies, that know what excellence is, and hire them.

✅ A few bad apples will spoil the bunch, so if you have a bad apple, get rid of them quickly.

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