3 Ways to Generate Word of Mouth – WIP #11

If your company is getting referrals, that’s a great sign.

But if you want to step up your referral game to the point where all you hear is, “Shut up and just take my money,” keep reading.

Here are 3 ways to generate word of mouth…

✅ Create a win-win-win offer. This means creating a win for you as the vendor, the referring partner and the company that is being referred to you. You need all three, not just two.

✅ Be super generous with refunds. If they ask for one, don’t ask questions, just refund them. They will remember it and are more likely to refer their friends.

✅ Systematize the art of gift giving. And be generous with them. Referrals are huge for any business but it doesn’t have to be a referral. If you benefited from someone else’s actions, reward them.

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