My 3 Hacks for Thinking 100x Bigger – WIP #17

About a year ago, I was preparing to sell my previous company, GetEmails, for a life changing amount of money.

Unfortunately, the deal fell through and I was devastated. The next day, I was referred to Shane Orlich (former CEO of WalkMe) who urged me to keep growing as quickly as possible. And that is what led me to find Santosh, who is helping me build a billion dollar company in 12 months.

Here are my 3 Hacks for thinking 100x BIGGER:

✅ If imitation is the highest form of flattery then tap into mimetic desire. Find a way and shoot for the stars. 🌠

✅ Keep throwing ideas (or spaghetti) against the wall to see what sticks. And keep stacking those lotto tickets because you never know which one might hit. 🤑

✅ Once you have your product market fit, hire A-Players. Find someone who has done it before, find your Santosh who can help your business grow faster and more efficiently.

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