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What Does identifies up to 35% of your website’s anonymous traffic via a code snippet that’s placed on your website.

How Does it Work?

There are two parts to Email-Based Retargeting:

  1. Identification. We use cookies, but this can also be done with cross-device ID.
  2. A contact database. We have a large network of over 15,000 websites that we are partnered with that generate around a million records a day in total.

When a live body that we’ve previously cookied shows up on your website, we take the hashed email address in the cookie and see if it matches any hashed email addresses in our database. Hashed is a fancy word for saying the email has been encoded for privacy.

If it does, we give you the entire, unencrypted contact record. Email, first, last, postal record, and landing page.

Is the data any good?

Yes! The magic of Email-Based Retargeting is that the identification piece brings what would otherwise be worthless, untargeted data to life.


If an email address is in a cookie in someone’s browser, and that person hits your website, there is a live body that is still connected with that email address.

Those live bodies open emails. We know because we have several hundred customers using the technology. They are getting strong open rates with low complaints and unsubscribes.

How Does the Code Snippet Work?

The Javascript code snippet is added, by you or your webmaster, to the webpage where you want to collect emails. These email addresses belong to real people who have opted in via third party websites for email marketing offers. For examples of these offers, click here. When one of these contacts visits your website, our script matches them to a database of more than 500 million contacts and we give you those records daily, in a downloadable CSV file.

What Data Do I Get?

The email addresses that we identify are personal, not business, email addresses. You will get First Name, Last Name, Email address, postal address (address, city, state, zip), first seen date (opt in date), last seen date (when they hit your website), the landing page URL they hit, and the landing page domain.

How is this legal? Is it CAN-SPAM Compliant?

Yes, is both legal and CAN-SPAM compliant. For more information, click here.

How do I mail to it? What do I do once I get the record?

Even though the prospect left your website without subscribing, we recommend you send them a welcome series of three to five emails. Then, once that’s done, add them to your regular mailing program.

Lead with as much value as possible, and keep in mind it’s a different journey from someone who has raised their hand and subscribed to your newsletter.

We provide you with the landing page of the contact record, and through our “complex integrations,” you have the ability to send records from a given landing page to a given list in your ESP and trigger automations accordingly.

It’s critically important to send to these contacts as soon as possible.

The only complaint problems we have ever observed have been from our customers who have accumulated contacts over several weeks, waited to send to them, and sent a normal newsletter, all at once.

For more about how to have success with Email-Based Retargeting, click here.