How to suppress contacts with Klaviyo popups

If you use Klaviyo popups, you can prevent collection of contacts who opt in via your popup. This can be done using Klaviyo’s Event Listener. General Structure of the klaviyoForms Event Klaviyo forms send an event called klaviyoForms to the window each time a form is shown, closed, or submitted. You add one listener to your page […]

Why didn’t my suppression list upload?

A suppression list is beneficial because it keeps you from paying for duplicate contacts who are already on your email marketing list. But what happens when a suppression list doesn’t upload? Here’s what to check for if you’re having issues. How to fix the suppression list 1. If you attempt to upload a suppression file […]

All About Suppression

What is Suppression? Suppression is the term we use for any scenario where you want to prevent from identifying and collecting contacts. The main reasons you would do this are: To avoid paying for contacts you already have. You likely have an existing database of customer emails, many of whom visit your site […]

How to suppress contacts with JustUno forms

1. From your Justuno dashboard, click the Promotions icon in the left-hand navigation. Then, click the paintbrush icon to edit the email capture promotion. 2. Click </> Custom Code in the top right. 3. Click the </> TAB JS section at the top, and paste this script into the box. You will then need to update the values in […]