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Send a custom identifier to integration

You can pass a custom identifier from the contacts you collect through to your integration to tie that email to an ID. You will also be able to view the identifier in your account.

Here's how to set this up:

1. After adding your collection script into your website, paste this identifier next to </script> geq.identify({user_id: '123456'})

Here's how that would look:

2. Replace "123456" with your ID. Note that custom identifiers have a limit of up to 55 characters.

3. Once you've added the custom identifier to your site (replacing the numbers in the example with your ID), it will be passed to your integration as 'user_id' — and will also appear in with the contact as Custom Identifier.

You'll also see the identifier in the CSV file if you download your contacts from under "user_id":

How to add an integration identifier

You can also add an integration identifier to your contacts collected by The identifier — "GE" — is not visible in your contact details (like the above option) since it's added post-collection.

NOTE: This option is enabled by request, so please email support[at]retention[dot]com if you're interested in adding an integration identifier.

Once it is enabled by support, the field value that we send is data_source = GE here is an example of how the identifier will appear in your ESP that you've integrated with

Have questions? Email us at support[at]retention[dot] or message us on chats