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How Attribution Works

How contacts are collected

When someone visits your site, our collection script identifies them almost immediately. We then wait 15 minutes (the default, which can be adjusted) before sending you the contact to ensure they don't perform a suppression event (ex. sign up, make a purchase, etc.).

Once the contact is collected, you will be able to see them on your Dashboard, Contacts tab and in your ESP list you've integrated with. The Welcome Flow will then be triggered when the contact arrives in your list (if you have set up the flow).

What we don't collect

We will not send you contacts that you already have in your ESP if you have manually uploaded your initial suppression list as a CSV file and/or enabled contact suppression via integration to run daily.

That prevents you from collecting contacts who have already signed up for your list, placed an order or unsubscribed from your list. You can ensure the number of contacts we're suppressing is correct by going to Suppression Lists and comparing the number of unique records with what you have in your ESP.

Note: If the ESP you're using doesn't offer contact suppression, you will need to manually upload the CSV file to suppress contacts.

How we attribute revenue

We only track and attribute revenue to when a user that we have identified returns to your site and makes a purchase after the initial waiting period ends—which is 12 hours by default.

If the visitor went to your site with the intent to purchase, we don't want to claim those contacts, which is why we have the 12-hour waiting period in place. is not strictly an acquisition channel and is not always the last touch. That is why our attribution may vary from some analytics platforms that use last-touch, non-direct attribution.

How to measure ROI

You can measure your ROI in both and your ESP. From your Dashboard, you will see your ROI in the top-right corner. You can also click View More next to Return on Investment to see the recorded revenue event details.

When you are measuring the ROI from within your ESP, remember that the ESP will show revenue by flow—not by contact.

Click here for more details on how to look at your ROI in Klaviyo. For more details on how to analyze your ROI in your ESP, contact your Client Success Manager.