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BigCommerce Installation Guide

This guide is here to help you quickly set up and use Retention's collection, suppression, and revenue tracking scripts, all integral parts of "Grow".

Click here for a link to the tutorial on how to add Reclaim events to your site.

In this video, we'll show you where to find your collection script and how to add it to your BigCommerce store.

Where to find your collection snippet script

1. From your Retention Dashboard, click Code Script.  Then, click View Your Script.

2. Check the box next to Collection, and then click Copy Code </>. You’ll see a green box in the top right-hand corner telling you the code was copied to your clipboard.

Copy Collection

Remember: You can’t check multiple boxes for scripts or you will get an error message. You can only copy one at a time.

3. Once you’ve added the script to your domain, go back to Code Script and click the edit icon next to Authorized Domains.

4. Paste the domain/URL in the text box where you added the script, and click Save Changes.

It will be highlighted in green if the script is properly installed—and in orange if the script is not properly added.

How to add Collection script

1. Log in to your BigCommerce account. From the left navigation, click Storefront.

2. Click Script Manager from the left navigation and then click Create a Script.

3. Name your script, give it a Description (optional), select Header for the placement, select Storefront pages for the location, choose Script under Script type, and paste your script in the Script contents box. Click Save.

How to add Suppression script

The suppression script can be added to your website on any pages that you do NOT want to collect email addresses. Generally speaking, you would put this script on landing pages where the person has already converted, and therefore, you have already collected their email address.

Examples of pages you’d want to add the suppression script to are post-checkout, thank you, and confirmation pages.

1. From your Dashboard, click Code Snippet in the left navigation and then View Script. Then, check the box next to Suppression, and click Copy Code.

2. Log in to your BigCommerce account. From the left navigation, click Storefront. Then, Click Script Manager, and click Create a Script.

3. Name your script, give it a Description (optional), select Header for the placement, choose to place it on the Order confirmation page, check the Script box, and then paste your suppression script into the Script contents box. Click Save.

4. From your dashboard, click On next to Script Status to turn your script on. You will have access to this once you collect onboarding.

Click here to learn how to test your script.

How to add Revenue Tracking script

You can use your's revenue tracking script to capture order information for your contacts that land on your BigCommerce page. Tracking codes typically are used on the order status page. Once data is collected, your dashboard will display your week-over-week ROI from your contacts.

Here's how to add your revenue tracking script to your BigCommerce site.

What you'll need

1. You'll need to copy your revenue tracking script from From your Retention Dashboard, click Code Script.  Then, click View Your Script.

2. Check the box next to Revenue Tracking, and click Copy Code.

Adding Tracking to BigCommerce

1. From your BigCommerce dashboard, click Settings > Advanced > Data Solutions. 

Click the "Connect" button next to Affiliate Conversion Tracking.

2. Paste your revenue tracking script into the Conversion Tracking Code box.

3. You will need to replace ORDER_NUMBER, DOLLAR VALUE, and ORDER EMAIL in the code with BigCommerce’s variables.

  • Replace {{ ORDER_NUMBER }} with %%ORDER_ID%%.
  • Replace {{ DOLLAR VALUE }} with %%ORDER_AMOUNT%%. A
  • Replace {{ ORDER EMAIL }} with %%ORDER_EMAIL%%.

Click Connect when you’re finished.

4. You can then track your revenue, contacts, and ROI from your dashboard.

Revenue Tracker