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Science Natural Supplements

Science Natural Supplements gets a 75% increase in engagement with Reactivate

Science Natural Supplements goes above and beyond to provide products with the highest-quality natural ingredients possible.

Performance Results
Open Rate
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Bring on the Challenge

Science Natural Supplements’ had a dormant list of half a million emails and wanted to safely re-engage them without compromising deliverability.

Science Natural Supplements provides high quality supplements produced under rigorous standards to help boost memory, enhance mental focus, and get amazing amounts of pure, natural energy.

Science Natural Supplements had two priorities when they started working with Reactivate:

  1. Safely email dormant email addresses without compromising deliverability
  2. Drive ROI and conversions to the Rescue

After loading a dormant list into our system, Science Natural Supplements used Maropost to trigger a real-time reengagement email.

Dormant subscribers were sent a six-part reactivation flow, triggered by a realtime open signal. If a subscriber opened the first email, they were moved back into the active segment. If the subscriber didn’t open the first email, they received the rest of the email flow.

Afterward, all openers were moved back into the active segment.

The Results

8x ROI, a reactivation strategy with a 3x return, and a new profit-generating tool.

Less than a month after starting, Science Natural Supplements recouped their costs and Reactivate delivered an 8x ROI increase on a previously dormant list. Furthermore, there was a 50-75% increase in the size of the engaged segment within a 60-90 day period.

The revenue generated by these reactivated contacts more than paid for the software.

“Talk about easy! Reactivate is our go-to tool for increasing list revenue and customer lifetime value. This was one of the easiest decisions in our business and answered one of the hardest questions: ‘How do you keep email contacts engaged, on the list longer, and buying more?’ The simple answer is Reactivate! Within the first 15 days we broke even, and within the month we had a new profit center in our company. I can easily contribute 25% of our monthly list revenue to this indispensable tool!”

– Cody Bramlett, CEO, Science Natural Supplements

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