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Legion Athletics

Legion is the #1 bestselling brand of all-natural sports supplements in the world, with over 400,000 customers served and 3 million bottles sold.

Legion's on  top because of their commitment to science, transparency, and honesty, as well as our dedication to providing the knowledge and tools people need to achieve their fitness goals faster.

Legion's  mission isn't to merely sell supplements, but to change the fitness industry for the better, one person at a time.

Performance Results
Incremental Revenue
Engagement Rate

Bring on the Challenge

Legion's goal was to drive business growth by increasing their email list size and generating incremental revenue through email marketing campaigns. They recognized that effective email marketing can help them retain customers, boost brand loyalty, and ultimately lead to increased revenue over time. With this in mind, they sought out a solution that would allow them to target existing customers with personalized, relevant content, while also attracting new subscribers to their email list through's database. Through their partnership with us, they were able to achieve these goals and more, generating significant incremental revenue and strengthening their overall business performance. to the Rescue

Legion implemented all the reclaim flows – cart, browse, and category abandonment email flows. The strategy was designed to deliver personalized, one-to-one messaging to high-intent prospects, with each flow targeting a previously untapped audience. By offering personalized discounts, the new messaging strategy led to a significant increase in conversion rates and overall engagement. Additionally, the implementation of the new strategy enabled Legion to capture valuable first-party data from highly-engaged prospects who had previously been anonymous during their browsing sessions. This data allowed Legion to keep their community connected with all the latest offerings, ultimately strengthening brand loyalty and driving further revenue growth

The Results

And just like that, Legion was able to achieve a significant incremental revenue increase of $116k through the implementation of Reclaim flows over a six-month period. This resulted in a strong ROI of 8.2x. In addition to revenue growth, Legion also saw an impressive engagement rate of 45%, which was calculated as the average across all the different flows that were activated.

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