Ignite Word-of-Mouth With Our SocialID™️ Relationship Graph

There’s no stronger persuasive force than social influence. Our SocialID™️ Relationship Graph collects trillions of publicly available data points to identify real-world relationships between real-world people. Use our “Sphere of Influence” modeling for Targeted Audience Expansion and to reach people close to your best customers.


Publicly Available Data Points


Total US Relationships


Average Audience Expansion

Expand Your Audience Through the Power of Real-World Relationships

Target the people who see you customers in the real world.

Want to run a campaign to the actual friends, in the REAL WORLD, of your best customers? 

Want to expand your existing audience to people who spend time around your biggest fans?

What if you could advertise to an audience of people who have influence over the group you’re trying to persuade…the people they interact with every day?

With our breakthrough SocialID™️ Graph, you can. 

Real-time Reporting

Improve the efficiency of your advertising dollars by up to 90%.

With our SocialID™️ Graph, every advertising dollar you spend will directly impact either your target audience or a member of their social network. 

Use our Graph to serve high-frequency ads to an incredibly targeted audience of those you want to influence and those who they spend time with in the real world…and NO ONE ELSE.

Save up to 90% on your advertising budget.

Expand your audience exponentially with like-minded individuals.

As the saying goes, we’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

What if, for each person in your target audience, you could reach those five people and many more?

With the SocialID™️ Graph, you can.

We will deliver an expanded target audience of like-minded individuals that you didn’t have access to before, that you own and can reach forever.


Reach your audience and their networks on any one-to-one channel.

We build all of our Identity Graphs on the back of a 100% deliverable email address, but we don’t stop there. 

Reach your audience and their networks over direct mail, phone calls, texts, OTT, and social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

How Our SocialID™️ Relationship Graph Works

We collect and process trillions of publicly available data points.

We map real-world relationships from social media, home ownership information, employment information, education information, and consumer data.


We map current, real-world relationships between people.

Our SocialID™️ Relationship Graph maps out people who have lived together, spend time together in a household or workplace, frequent the same restaurants, serve on the same boards, participate in the same organizations, or are members of the same clubs.

We model expanded audiences that are the networks of the people you are trying to influence.

We build custom audiences that enable targeting of the entire social networks of every single individual you were looking to target in the first place: either your existing audience and all of their respective social networks, or a key decision maker and everyone around her.


You market to these audiences across any channel you choose.

Email is our foundation — we will give you email addresses that open at a 30% rate or higher. 

You can also advertise to your new audience over display, social, phone, text, or direct mail. 

Send the perfect message across the perfect channel to at the perfect time to the perfect individual…and their entire social network!

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