Replace Lost iOS 15 Opens With SafeSignals

Combine cross-website behavioral data, industry-leading email validation, and opener event technologies – over 3bn monthly events – into one, 100% money-back guaranteed safety signal for any US email address.

Q: What is a SafeSignal?

A: It's a "0" or "1" score for every Email Address in the USA.

"0" = Don't Send, "1" = Keep Sending ... It's that simple!

Know with 100% certainty that your list is safe and active with SafeSignals.

Better Than an Open

Opens help you determine who you should keep sending to and who you should chop. We do that and more.

+3bn Monthly Events

We consume more events across all of our products than any other vendor, for industry-leading coverage.

Money-Back Guaranteed

All of our SafeSignals emails are 100% deliverable guaranteed, or we’ll give you all your money back.

Opens are a vanity metric ... SafeSignals tell you more.

List Hygiene for Apple Subscribers

How do you know who to prune from your list after they go inactive when Apple is sending you opens for every subscriber on every send?

SafeSignals will monitor your list for high-value web activity, including form fills, purchases, and website visits, and let you know when an email has gone dormant and needs to be sunset. 

Best-In-Class Cleansing and Validation

In addition to cross-web behavioral signals, we will make sure every email address is valid and deliverable.

SafeSignal will get rid of invalids, known bots, role-based emails, known inactives, known complainers, traps, and more.

Cross-Website Behavioral Data

We’ll track your email list across form fills, purchase data, and frequency, page qualify, and page engagement across websites to assess the overall health and activity of each address. 

Spam Trap Avoidance

Behavioral signals aren’t the only thing we do … 

We run the largest Spam Trap database in the industry, and will clean your list against all known traps, both pristine and recycled, and incorporate that into the SafeSignal score.


Live Opener Data for Non-Apple Addresses

Identify High-Value Emails

The best indication of the value of an email addresses is how active it is in the email ecosystem. 

SafeSignals tracks over 70% of the open and click activity in the US email ecosystem.

For non-Apple addresses, we incorporate recent open and click activity into the SafeSignals.


Email Ecosystem Coverage


Events Received Per Month


Money-Back Guarantee

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