Site Visitor Resolution

Resolve turns your website traffic into authenticated first-party data. Create and activate audiences across all channels, even in cookie-challenged browsers.

US Patent Pending 63/251,378

First-Party Audiences

Create custom audiences even in cookie-challenged browsers.

Automated Marketing

Supercharge your remarketing efforts with email hashes that don’t expire like cookies.

Amplified Reach

Multiply the scale of your existing channels with 5-10x greater reach.

Data-Driven Insights

Tune your data to your unique audience, measurement, and business goals.

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"'s Resolve is a magic piece of software that pulls first-party data out of thin air, empowering you to build flows that drive serious ROI."

- Ryan Pamplin, CEO Blendjet

Unparalleled Identity Resolution with depth and breadth:


Hashed Emails





100+ seamless integrations:

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How Does's Resolve Work?

Site Visitor Identification

You put our pixel on your website, and we match anonymous digital identifiers to customer profiles through first-party publisher authentications.

Use permissioned plain-text emails, HEMs, cookies, and device IDs for omnichannel campaign activation, analytics, attribution, and measurement.

We can typically match over 70% of your US traffic to at least one addressable identifier — even Safari and Firefox visitors.

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100+ Ecosystem Integrations

The secret to’s Resolve working so well is our commitment to real-time integrations with all major activation platforms.

Use permissioned emails to power marketing and social platforms, cookies, and device IDs to drive effective programmatic strategies, and hashed emails, cookies, and device IDs to build audience models.

If you don’t see an integration you need, contact us, we’ll build it for you.

Real-Time Campaign Activation

Seamlessly connect to any Email Service Provider, CRM, CDP, or Ad Network through one of our one-click integrations to trigger real-time, one-to-one interaction. 

Segment your subscribers by behavior: send visitors from URL A to campaign A, send visitors from URL B to campaign B.

100% Active, Permissioned Database

Every piece of first-party data we pass you is fully permissioned by our publisher network and has been tied to an open, click, or web event in the past seven days.

To opt-out of our network, click here.

Easy Onboarding

Our onboarding team will help you get up-and-running on our self-serve platform within a day. 

Data flows from second one in real-time, and you’ll see ROI instantly.

Featured Case Study: Spartan Race

Spartan Race Takes the Offensive During the Pandemic

Spartan Race used’s Resolve to pre-sell tickets during the pandemic, realizing a net 13.1x ROI and accelerating their audience growth rate by 1,500%. 

Click here to read the full case study.

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