Real-Time Data Delivery for Real-Time Activation

Don’t settle for once-per-day (or even less frequent) data delivery. When you’re retargeting website visitors over email, right now now is infinitely better than tomorrow.

data delivery

Seamless integrations:

How Real-Time Data Delivery Works:

1. Website Visitor Identification

We identify up to 35% of your anonymous traffic.

2. Data Delivery

Integrate with any of our 50+ integration partners, and receive data in Real-Time.

3. Trigger Campaigns

Set up welcome flows and browse, product, and cart abandonment flows for to trigger upon receipt of a contact.

Power Omnichannel Campaigns in Real-Time

Real-Time Triggered Email

Bring anonymous visitors back into your marketing ecosystem with state-of-the-art Email Retargeting.

Our high growth marketing platform makes it easy for you to identify anonymous visitors after they leave your website. Then, you can deliver targeted, relevant email campaigns straight to their inboxes and relevant ad campaigns while they browse.

data delivery

Real-Time Social

Create Real-Time Custom Audiences for your highest intent website visitors, and give them a better offer than your standard retargeting campaign.

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