We believe in empowering marketers to spread their message to as many people as possible.

That’s why we built GetEmails – the world’s first ever Email-Based Retargeting solution.

Adam and Helen
It's Adam and Helen again...have you seen the FB ads?
Hello From Our Founder

This is Adam, Founder/CEO of GetEmails.

Long story short, GetEmails started as a way for customers of our other company, Robly, to reach more people.

Robly was a great product. It competed with companies like Mailchimp and Klaviyo, and helped its customers reach people online.

However, we learned that the biggest problem our customers had was the fact that no matter what they did, at some point, their email lists became large enough where the rate at which people were unsubscribing or becoming inactive was faster than the rate at which they could bring in new subscribers to their list.

We spent years trying to figure out an innovative way to solve this problem, because we knew if we could solve it, the entire world would use it.

We figured it out…and it’s US Patent Pending 63/251,378: GetEmails!

We hope our customers love GetEmails as much as we love building cool features to improve performance and enhance our offering.



Founder/CEO GetEmails